13 Halloween Movies for Kids


I LOVE Halloween! (I love all things about Autumn, actually – but Halloween is one of my absolute favorites!) And this year, my kiddo is finally sharing my love for this amazing holiday!! We’ve been enjoying (not-so)spooky movies for a few weeks now, and I thought I’d make a list of my favorite Halloween movies to watch as a family! (And 13 seemed like the perfect spooky number!)

  • Halloweentown – This movie came out while I was in high school, so I was WAY too cool to admit that I liked it! But way back when (1998)? I loved this movie, and if possible? I love it even more now!! And I’m super glad that my kiddo loves it just as much as I do! (And who doesn’t want to find out that they are actually descendants of an amazing magical universe?) 
  • Hocus Pocus – Who in their thirties DIDN’T love this movie as a kid? Now? My six year old is just as in love with the 1993 Classic Halloween movie as I was! (And she even has a crush on my beloved Max – works for me! I suppose I won’t let her know that Mom was madly in love with him back in the day too!) 
  • The Little Vampire – This adorable Disney movie is what kicked off our Halloween Movie watching this year! I hadn’t seen this one before, but once Scribber found it on Disney this year? I have seen it at least 4 times! And we are both getting a huge kick out of this adorable movie! (Definitely good for little ones – although rumor has it that my 9 year old neighbor likes it too!) 
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown –  This 1966 Classic is a staple in so many houses that I almost left it off this list! But I thought just in case someone didn’t already LOVE it? I’d throw the gentle reminder in! 
  • Hotel Transylvania – One of the newer movies on this list, this adorable movie about a vacation resort for ghouls of all types is full of laughs for the whole family! (Even dad likes this one at our house!) 

  • Coraline – This movie is fantastic for littles with HUGE imaginations! My little one spent at least 3 days pretending to be Coraline after our first watch of this movie earlier this year! (Of course, of all the movies so far? This one does have a twinge of the spooky! So you may want to have a parent viewing first!) 
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – This one falls into the same category as Coraline (and is also a Tim Burton movie, so the spook factor is still there!) But this movie is absolutely fantastic – and it was one of those things that made me so glad my little one has my same sense of movie taste! We watch this one all year round! (But especially at Halloween and Christmas!) 
  • Beetlejuice – Ok, I’ll be honest. This one is a bit of a stretch if you have young kiddos. (My friend thought I had lost my mind when I told her that my six year old watched this one! And I suppose I may be – but it was one of my childhood favorites, so of course I couldn’t wait to let her see it too!) She wasn’t as “into” this one the first go-round, but tonight she was pretty hooked! 
  • Casper – Is it just me or did most of the amazing Halloween movies come out of the 1990’s?? (I guess one more reason my childhood was awesome – or maybe I just sway my kiddos tastes that way?) Either way? This adorable movie is the perfect mix of live actors and cartoons – and is great for all ages! 
  • Phantom of the Megaplex– Another adorable offering from Disney! This one is great for littles all the way up to pre-teens! 

  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit – This one is sure to get some giggles from the littles, and keep the attention of anyone over the age of 9! It’s cute, but there’s a fun story involved too! A win-win all the way around! 
  • The Addams Family – Who doesn’t love The Addams Family? I have to admit, of all the movies on this list? I was most nervous for this! I hadn’t watched since I was a kid in the early 90’s, and I was pretty nervous that it wouldn’t live up to my memories! Luckily? The whole family loved this one! 
  • Monster House – This 2006 movie was a new one for me this year! What kid didn’t have stories of a haunted house in their neighborhood? This movie was another that is great for the littlest spooks all the way up to the grown-ups! (And even the “too-cool for kids movies” 14 year old nephew loved this one!) 


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