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It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE planner addict! My Erin Condren Life Planner goes EVERYWHERE I go. So awhile back when Mary from Mary Organizes put a call out on her totally AWESOME Facebook page for people to review her new Planner from Mary’s Planner Store? I was curious – My ECLP is perfect for my life outside of the house, but it’s so packed with appointments, and work notes that I needed something for the house. So I quickly volunteered, and was beyond ecstatic when Mary contacted me and offered to send me a copy of her Home Management Planner in exchange for a review! 

Weekly View

Now I have to be totally honest, I use this planner daily and I ADORE it. But my photos? They are from the very first week I had this lovely planner in my possession! Why? Because this planner takes abuse from me. I write on the go, sloppily and in a manner which only I can read! (My husband will verify!) And I spill, regularly. Because it sits open on my kitchen table throughout our Homeschool day, and throughout meal prep, and just general life. So the only pretty pages I had were from early on. 

This planner is fantastic, my favorite page is the weekly view page (you can click the photo above to make it bigger!) Each day has six boxes, and laid out in the “Morning, Afternoon, Evening” boxes in similar fashion to the ECLP. And that format REALLY works for me! (In the case of this home management binder, I use the boxes for my “To Do” list for each part of the day.) 

Below those boxes are the “Meals, House and To-Do” boxes.The meals is self explanatory (and has a quote that says “Leave the kitchen clean after dinner!” as a friendly reminder) and the house gives suggested “To-Do” items for each day – which I really appreciate! I struggle so much with my daily tasks and end up burning out and then taking three days off letting my house get so messy! Then finally the “To Do” box has 8 lines, with several suggested options throughout the week. 


My absolute favorite part of this planner is the daily docket!! I don’t need them every day (and if I did? Mary sells them for $5.99 for a 30 pack, which is REALLY reasonable!) I love this page to break down my days – especially in the example which was one of my absolutely insane days! (We had the Chilldren’s Christmas Musical at church, and not only was my daughter in it, but I was running the lights for the show.) I loved being able to look at my day and see here I could fit in mundane tasks, like fixing dinner and walking the dog. Plus, the next day we were leaving for a road trip and I still had a TON of things I needed to do for that. 

Daily View

The Home Management Kit (which I have) is well worth the $38.99 price tag! It comes printed and punched in your choice of disc bound, 3-hole or not at all! It also includes the following pages: Home management guide, Daily and Weekly cleaning lists, Password Keeper, Project Lists, Gift Ideas, and more! 

(You can also purchase just the basic planner without the home management pages for $36.99, but the home management set really is a great deal!) 

I simply added the discs and cover of my choice from Staples ARC line! 

Household ChecklistCleaning Routine








I absolutely LOVE Mary’s Household Management Planner! While my ECLP is always in my purse? This awesome planner is ALWAYS in it’s place on my kitchen table – full of meal plans, homeschool plans and household to-do lists! 

During my weekly planning session, I will sit down with both planners and plan out my week, including to-do’s! And I feel like I am FINALLY getting my house (and my life) organized and in order! And I don’t think I could have done it without the help of Mary and her fantastic planner!! 

(And if you’re like me? You would probably benefit from Mary’s Blog! She’s got some fantastic posts, like 5 Habits to Start Now, Her 91 day Love Your Home Challenge, and her current 91 Day De-Clutter challenge (which I am currently working through!) 

**Planner prices are correct as of January 10, 2015 – but may have changed since this was originally posted.


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