Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

Kindle Paperwhite

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about one of my absolute favorite possessions! (I know that the Kindle Paperwhite has been out forever, and everyone knows what the Kindle is! But I just love this product so much that I feel like I NEED to review it!) 

I read. A lot. And I blog about it. As of today – Sept 11, 2014 – I have read 152 books this year. I love paper books as much as the next guy – in fact I was one of those people who said they would NEVER use an eReader! But then I got my iPad 2 years ago and I was laying in bed one night, too lazy to turn on the light and I wanted to read. Thus, the start of an addiction! I love being able to carry hundreds of books with me at any time. I love being able to have my book for my church life group, my book for pleasure and a book for research all at the same time. I love being able to pull out an old book and refer to it. Or have my cookbooks all in one neat little space. 

And then, my library added the ability to check out Kindle books! And Amazon added the ability to loan them. And then I started blogging, and I discovered Netgalley! As a book reviewer, the ability to receive advanced copies of books directly to my Kindle was priceless! So I broke down and used my birthday money to spring for the original Kindle, so I could quit reading on my bulky iPad! 

But 2 years later I fell in love with the idea of the touch screen and the glowing screen. So I sold my original Kindle to a friend, and purchased the Kindle Paperwhite (with Special Offers – because the offers are totally unobtrusive!)  

What I Love about my Kindle Paperwhite

  • The eInk and glow lighting makes it easy to read in any light situation!
  • Super light weight and fits well in my purse
  • Touch screen is easy to use, and makes reading in bed super convenient. 
  • Battery Life – My Paperwhite lasts about 5 books! (And then it charges super quickly!) 
  • The Cloud – My Kindle syncs my books across my Kindle, Phone and iPad (which I’ve been known to read one book on all three devices!) Plus, any book I’ve ever purchased is stored securely in my Amazon Cloud, just waiting to be downloaded and re-read! 




I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I’m a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I’m glad you’ve joined me in my little corner of the web!

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