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I'm a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I'm a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I'm glad you've joined me in my little corner of the web!

The Giving Plate

The Giving Plate

Life is crazy. In the past few months I went back to work full time (along with homeschooling) and we’ve been deep in the midst of Girl Scout Cookie season! On top of our normal hectic lives of dance classes, ice time and church activities. About the time that all this was really ramping up, …

Blue Apron Review


My husband is horrible at dropping hints. He’ll sit on the couch with me, laptop sitting on the coffee table, and go to the same websites over and over again. Most recently? His site of choice has been Blue Apron, and I have to admit I was the hang up on this one. I’m an …