Baby Sitting Mama (Wii) Review

Babysitting Mama Review

The number one gift request for Santa last year at our house was Babysitting Mama – Nintendo Wii! Fortunately, Scribber was definitely on the Nice List and the big man in red brought the game on Christmas morning. Now that we’ve had 10 full months to play with this awesome game, and it’s still a favorite in our house? I thought I’d share a review!
Babysitting Mama Madness started at our house last October,  when Scribber found Madame Wario on Youtube. More importantly, she discovered her Baby Sitting Mama videos. Seriously, when she found these videos? I’m certain her stats have jumped considerably, because Scrib will watch repeatedly when she’s allowed her screen time!
So when we were going over her Santa List, this game was a no-brainer for us! Scribber is obsessed with baby dolls and wants to be a mommy when she grows up. Add to that her love for technology and this game seemed perfect! Something she could play herself was just an added bonus!



Scribber playing Babysitting Mama

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Game play is pretty simple, you stick your Wii-Mote in the back of the baby and hold the nun-chuck in the back. Then follow the (super simple) instructions on screen! As you play you can unlock new babies, new mini-games (which are all similar to the other Majesco Mama Games!)
While our family is loving this game, there are a few downsides that I feel I need to point out. First, the moves are incredibly sensitive (like all games with the Wii Mote can be!) but it’s difficult for my jumpy, overly excited 5 year old to move the baby and the remote just perfectly. Luckily, it’s not possible to “fail” a level, and you just keep moving on! (And so far, this doesn’t seem to phase Scribber at all!) It’s also incredibly repetitive if you sit down and attempt to beat the game in one night. (Not that my husband and I did this… nope. We will never admit to that.)

All-in-all?? Babysitting Mama – Nintendo Wii is a fantastic game and I would definitely recommend it to families with young children who want to play video games but don’t really have the hand/eye coordination to master games like Skylander’s quite yet!

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