Blue Apron Review

Blue apron Review

My husband is horrible at dropping hints. He’ll sit on the couch with me, laptop sitting on the coffee table, and go to the same websites over and over again. Most recently? His site of choice has been Blue Apron, and I have to admit I was the hang up on this one. I’m an incredibly picky eater, and $59.94/week for 2 people? Seemed a bit steep considering! But? I gave in and snagged him a week as a gift (which has turned into two months of meals that we absolutely adore!) So I’ve decided to give you all a Blue Apron Review!

Blue Apron When our box first arrived I was anxious. That first week had three meals I was actually excited about! Our three meals were Empanadas de Picadillo, Sweet Chili Chicken (featured in this review) and Brown Butter Gnocchi! 

The ingredients are incredibly fresh, well labeled and ready to quickly wash and prepare. They come in a box – complete with Eco-Friendly, recyclable packaging! The box does have regular ice packs, we kept the first 4 for re-use when we need to take our cooler along! (We also have passed on all the additional ice packs to friends and family, because they really are perfect for our coolers!) 

The package contains one instruction sheet per recipe (you can see it in the picture to the left) which includes pictures – super helpful because my husband jumped in to prepare these meals!! (And if pictures aren’t enough? They have a fantastic website and app with videos!) 

Now let’s get real. I was nervous about the portion sizes. Because “food for 2” can be a lot of different things. My husband is a big guy, who loves his meat and potatoes. So I was afraid that he’d be eating the whole thing and I’d be stuck having mac n cheese and ramen noodles with our 8 year old. 

But I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The pasta dishes are a little on the small side – but it’s easy (and cheap) enough to add extra pasta. Everything else? Our “Food for two” has been enough for my husband to have a full portion and our 8 year old and I to split the remainder, and everyone walks away satisfied. (Although I do admit to adding extra veggies for our daughter, she won’t touch certain things, so it’s just as easy to give her veggies she does like on the side. She’s pretty sure broccoli and corn go with everything.) 

So all-in-all? I absolutely adore Blue Apron. Out of 6 weeks of meals? We’ve had two dishes that we just didn’t care for. (And like I said? I’m picky – and I don’t like warm dairy products, so those two meals were sort of bound to fail for me!) The three meals for two is the perfect plan for our little family, and I love having fresh produce to try that we don’t always have in our local grocery store! 

Blue Apron Prep

Have you tried Blue Apron (or another meal delivery system)?? What have you loved or not-so-loved about it? 


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