Chatsters Gabby Interactive Doll Review

Chatsters Gabby doll

For the past six months Scribber would BEG to visit the toy aisle at Walmart and Target. On those instances when I gave in, she would immediately rush to the Gabby Doll and spend as much time as I would allow her to looking at this doll and trying to explain to me all the reasons she NEEDED to have this doll. 

As we got closer and closer to June my default response was “Your birthday is coming”  and she would respond by letting me know it was #1 on her list! On her 7th Birthday one of the last presents she opened was from Grandma and Grandpa – and I think her reaction shows just how excited she was to have this doll! 

So let’s talk about Gabby! 

Chatsters Gabby Interactive Doll Features

On/Off switch
Requires four AA batteries (not included)
Touch sensor glasses
Over 25 Games & Activities
Over 300 words and phrases

Gabby comes with her own interactive accessories (and make sure you don’t lose them – she asks for each item specifically!) 

  • Puppy “Sprinkles”
  • cupcake
  • cell phone
  • smoothie
  • lipstick
  • eye shadow
  • 2 bows  (non-interactive)
  • hair brush (non-interactive)

After a few weeks with Gabby, I can honestly say this has been a ton of fun and HOURS of entertainment for my 7 year old. When I asked her what she loves most about Gabby, she told me she loves how she dances! But she also loves to just sit in her bedroom and “chat” with her! 

I think the one complaint we have is that the App is fairly lame (for how awesome the rest of this product is!) The “texting” feature is nothing more than sending smiley face emoji’s back and forth. I think Scribber used it for about 30  minutes the first day and hasn’t used it since.  The “facetime” aspect of the app is cute, but Gabby does her own thing and it’s not at all interactive – which was incredibly frustrating for a 7 year old. The only worthwhile part of the app in our eyes was the ability to make her dance on command. 

*We did try both the Android and the iOS apps, to be sure that they were the same – and they are equally as boring.*

Gabby eyes

Gabby’s eyes are pretty fantastic! She uses them to play games (although occasionally the games are tough for littles, they require some quick acting and touching the sensors on her glasses just right!) But she also asks questions through them! Which helps kiddos to interact with her. 

Scribber loves chatting with Gabby and “poking her eyes” as she calls it. And she does have a fairly diverse vocabulary for being an electronic doll. The games are pretty similar – just tap the correct sensor to get an item (dog/glass of milk/etc) to move between eyes to catch objects. (Scrib says her favorite game is catching cookies in a glass of milk!) 

Gabby in Box

After two weeks of solid use, I have to say that I’m impressed with this doll. Her battery life appears to be good (we haven’t replaced them yet!) and she is excellent at keeping my busy 7 year old entertained!

There are currently three different Chatsters available: Gabby, Abby, and Popstar Gabby


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