DIY Hack: Coil Clips for your Planner

DIY Coil Clips

With the new planners last June, Erin Condren released Coil Clips for their planners – nifty little plastic tabs that you affix to the back of your own paper and then insert into your planner. The idea is to use them for invitations, laminated to-do pages, etc! Just another (incredibly awesome) way to customize your Life Planner!  I loved this idea, but couldn’t justify the price at the time – I had just ordered my own planner and had hockey fees coming due soon for my little one!) So? I made my own!  (You can click the photo below to see a quick video demonstration of how smoothly these clips turn with your planner!) 

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DIY Coil Clips



Supplies Needed:

*You can also line up your Tabs with your coil and mark as appropriate if you don’t have the ruler*

Blank Card

Your first step is to fix your Post-It Tab to whatever you are wanting to insert into your planner! (I used a notecard for the example – but this works perfect with invitations! That way you can stick them into the appropriate week in your calendar!) 



Next? Use the ruler that came with your Erin Condren Life Planner and line it up with the edge of your Post-It Tab, trace the holes and slits – this is your template for punching and cutting! (It took me a few tries of experimenting to find just how I wanted to trace my holes! My husband made a few clips and just put a small dot with his pencil – but I found that was making my punches uneven! 


Next up? Use your 1/8 inch hole punch to punch out the holes you just traced! (Like I said – it took some figuring what works for me – and for the most part? I just fill in the circles with my ruler, and then try to get my punch to fill the whole sharpie circle!) 


You’re almost done! Now you use your scissors and just clip slits from the edge to the circle’s you punched! Now you’re ready to stick your new coil clipped sheet into your planner! 

My favorite piece that I’ve done so far is my weekly schedule that I stick inside my “Month at a glance” View! It gives all my weekly events that stay the same from month to month! 

DIY Coil Clips in ECLP


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