Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch (Review and Coupon Code)

Carrry-All Clutch Review

It’s no secret that I’m ErinCondren Obsessed! I love her products, and have given several reviews of her popular Life Planners in the past! (And my most popular post is my DIY Coil Clip Post, which is a hack I still use on a regular basis!) So when I finally broke down and ordered the Carry-All Clutch? I was beyond excited to be able to share it with you all! 

After two months of daily use, I feel like I can properly review this baby! I have to admit, I really wondered if I would use this case enough to justify the $32 price tag. (Especially with chatter about people finding perfectly suitable options in the Target Dollar Spot!) 

I carry my ECLP with me everywhere. It’s abused, thrown in and out of my purse. Falling off the table at work. Left on the kitchen counter as I cook dinner. Everywhere. And my 2014 cover (pre-interchangeable covers) took a beating, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered the clutch, in hopes of keeping my 2015 planner in better shape! (And the ability to re-use my beautiful planner covers in the future!) 

Side View


Before I go too far – if you sign up for a new account using my Referral link? You get a $10 off coupon code! (Good for your first order – anything you chose at all!) 

The number one complaint I saw about these clutches before I ordered mine was that they smell like rubber. And, straight out of the bag? That’s true. It did have a rubber smell to it – I can only assume it’s due to something with the printing process. (But that’s my one and only complaint about this product – so I’ll take it!) 

This planner clutch is fantastic! It’s 11″ x 9″ (fits the planner or my iPad perfectly!) and made of neoprene. The clutches come in 12 covers, matching some of the more popular Life-Planner covers. (My only complaint there is that in my chosen cover, Paisley, the black isn’t as black as it is in my Paisley LP Cover. But that’s a small consolation, and I figure that the printing process, material differences makes a difference! But, it’s held up well – even being left in the sun in my car for a long period of time and not fading more! 

Erin Condren Goodies

After two months of use? I’m thrilled with my Erin Condren Carry-All Clutch! It does a great job of protecting my beloved Life Planner in daily use, and has also done double duty and protected my iPad on many occasions! It’s well worth the $32 price tag ($22 with my coupon code!) 

Do you have any experience with Erin Condren products? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! 

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