Erin Condren Life Planner vs Plum Paper Planner – Comparison Review


As part of “Erin Condren Week” here at This Mom’s Review, I’ve decided to post my comparison between the Plum Paper Planner and the Erin Condren Life Planner! Which one do I prefer, and why? Read on, and I’ll tell you all about both of these fantastic planners! 

My husband dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Planner”, and with good reason! I’ve tried countless planners over time. Every year I get a new one for January 1st, and I’m typically DONE by February 1st. I have never used one for more than a few weeks, until this year. Near the end of 2013 I fell in love with the idea of the Erin Condren Life Planner – but I wasn’t in love with its $50 price tag! After all? I never use them for more than a few weeks. So a friend found Plum Paper Planners on Etsy and I was sold – and at $31? I could justify that easier than the $50 for the ECLP!  And thus? My planner obsession began! 

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Erin Condren Life Planner vs Plum Paper Planner

Before I jump in with my comparisons, I’ll link you to my original reviews of each planner! My review of the Plum Paper Planner was posted on my book blog way back in January! In April, I swapped over to the Erin Condren Life Planner – after I purchased mine for $25 on sale!  (It was $35, but I used the $10 off your first purchase coupon!) 

The number one question I find – since these planners are so similar – is “Are they really the same size?” My answer? Yes, they are! The match one another in height, width and thickness. (Both planners above are the 12 month – the 18 month planners are obviously going to be a bit thicker – but as far as I know they are also the same size.) 

These planners are incredibly similar, right down to the “Morning/Day/Night” format that the ECLP is so well known for! (With the advantage going to Plum Paper because you’re able to order your choice of weekly spread to customize your planner how you see fit! Or you can spend an extra $4 and get their Family Planner which customizes it even more!) 

Week at a glance


The differences I feel the need to really highlight are the ones that tipped me toward the Erin Condren Life Planner. (Although I do have friends who are completely loyal to the Plum Paper Planners – and being a planner geek and members of several facebook groups for both planners? I know that a lot of people have felt that they prefer the PPP for various reasons!) 

First and most obvious is the cover. The ECLP is a thick laminate (I believe it’s a 10mil lamination) where the PPP is a paper cover (a thicker paper, but paper none the less) with a thin piece of frosted plastic over the top. The frosted plastic takes a bit away from the vibrancy of the cover, which was disappointing to me. 

Also, the folders inside the planners – the folder in the ECLP was thicker and brighter, and all together better made. Again, for me this was an important point. I use the folder a lot – sticking bills, invitations, etc inside, and so the better construction made this a selling point for me. (Of course now? I make my own coil clips, so I won’t be sticking as many photos and invitations in the folder from now on!)  Along this same line? The plastic, sealable pouch is another huge seller for the ECLP! Plum Paper does not have a pouch at all. 

And another small detail is the fact that when you open to a “Month page” on the ECLP? You grab the month tab and open straight to that month. With the PPP you open first to a notes page, and have to flip the page one more time to see your month at a glance. I know this is minor to a lot of people, but to me it was really frustrating and one of the things that caused me to jump ship and order the ECLP when they went on mark down in April! 

I have to give the Plum Paper Planner huge props for the fact that their little boxes are lined. I LOVE that feature – although I mostly use Washi Tape now for my boxes, so it’s not AS BIG of a deal, and allows me more creativity with my planner pages! But I do miss those lovely lines, since my handwriting is already a bit nutty! 

Month at a glance


Over all? I really prefer the Erin Condren Life Planner, for a lot of reasons, but you really can’t go wrong with either planner! They are pretty comparable, and as you can tell it’s mostly nit-picky things that made me chose one over the other! I have my 2015 ECLP on order (it shipped yesterday, so in the near future I’ll have more info on the new edition!!) and I can’t wait to start marking it up! 

I’m going to share my comparison video of these two fantastic planners – please forgive the not-so-great quality! I shot it with my phone a few months back – and I’m hoping in the near future I’ll be able to reshoot with a better quality camera! But let’s hear from you in the comments – do you have one of these planners? Tell me why you love it! 


I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I’m a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I’m glad you’ve joined me in my little corner of the web!

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