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Planner Printable - This Mom's Review

Yesterday I posted a review of my beloved FauxDori, the FoxyFix! One of the reasons this planner really works for me is the ability to customize my daily planner, and after MANY hand-drawn days? I finally found a layout that really works for me, and I’ve decided to share it with you! 

I have been a long time fan of the Erin Condren Life Planner. I love that planner, it just works well for a busy life. But recently? My life flipped completely upside down, and I decided I needed a change. I wanted something more journal-like. I wanted a full page for my day so I could make notes as I pleased. 

When I made the jump to a Traveler’s Notebook I spent about 2 weeks making a daily page (changing it a bit each day) to figure out what exactly I wanted from my new planner. 

Hand Drawn Planner

Finally I found a layout that really worked for me, so I headed to Photoshop to make a printable version. I loved the place for my check list, my daily appointments, a general note space and most especially? What I read that day and a gratitude section! I really love the journalish aspect, and for me? I love the idea that YEARS from now my kiddo, grandkids, whatever may be flipping through these and see what life was like for me. (I feel like this is something we’ve really lost in our Facebook/iPhone world!) 

I print these out a month at a time (along with a calendar insert I purchased on Etsy) and then fold them into monthly inserts. (Tremble Design has my favorite tutorial for this!) 

So here’s the good part! If you’d like this printable for yourself? Just download the PDF, print, trim your page and fold into an insert! (It’s currently sized for the FoxyFix Wide – 8.25 x 5) 

Planner Page a Day


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