How to make your own Faith Journal

How To Make your own Faith Journal

Make your own Faith Journal


I recently started a Life Group through my church with a good friend, a group of women who meet once a week to share advice, vent and pray for one another. As part of this group, I needed a notebook to keep track of prayer requests – but that got me thinking, why limit it to just that group? I have a bit of an addiction to making notebooks with my Staples ARC Punch, so making a faith journal seemed to be the perfect option! 

Faith Journal Supplies

Your supplies can be as fancy, or as simple as you’d like! (A composition notebook would be perfect!) I chose to utilize my Staples Arc Punch, but this was mostly because I have a bit of an obsession with punching pieces of paper and making my own notebooks! 

I had a package of 5 notebook dividers, so I decided to just make 5 different categories. After a bit of debate, and realizing what I’d utilize and what I wouldn’t? I decided on Life Group, Prayer (requests), Gratitude, Scripture and Sermon Notes. For the last few weeks, these categories have worked perfectly for me – but the great thing is? I have the flexibility to change it as I go! 

The categories of your journal will probably be different from mine! For this I encourage you to pray, search around on Pinterest, talk to your friends who are as journal crazy as you are! But find what works for you!

Faith Journal Categories

As I work on my journal, I find that I’m using my Washi Tape, and stickers that I “borrow” from my six year old to make my pages decorative. I’m learning to sketch (although from the images below? You’ll question just how much I sketch!! My drawing skills are rivaled by the best 4 year olds around!)  

I chose a leather-bound cover, which takes a beating as I throw it in and out of my purse! (Being sturdy was important to me, because I like to carry my journal with me and use it as the desire strikes while I’m out and about!) 

Life Group Journal

My opening section is my Life Group section. I use print outs that we may have, or things I find on Pinterest that fit in with our group so I can share them! I also keep track of prayer requests that our group might have. I do keep these separate from my personal prayer journal – because these are very specific requests that we spend a chunk of each group gathering discussing. This is great because we revisit our requests each week and I can cross them off as they are answered! 

(The printable features is from 24/7 Moms!) 

Prayer Journal

Next up is my Prayer Journal section! This is an ever changing section, each day my entries look a little different. I have various quotes and scripture that I’ve found from around the internet – including the “Pray for your husband” sheet I found on Etsy and modified a bit to fit my husband! 

Somedays I write my prayers down, others I’ll doodle while I pray. (This is such a fun technique, Doodle Prayers, that I found awhile back while surfing the web and just fell in love with! I also have a few sheets just for “Prayer Requests” which I do check each day during my quiet time and pray for those people. 

Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal is the one part that I struggle with the most! For some reason, writing down all the things I’m grateful for is tough for me! (I suppose I should just experiment a bit more with my techniques, like I do my Prayer Journals!) 

I’m sad to say that after three weeks of use? I only have three pages full! Perhaps that’s a challenge for myself – to fill up more pages this week! 

Scripture Journal

Please don’t judge my horrible drawing!! (Seriously – I am NO GOOD, and I am ok with that. I embrace it.) I find that I learn the most when I take notes on what I’m reading, but recently I found Bold Turquoise and challenge, The Bold Year. I am in awe of how awesome her scripture journals are, and have taken her idea as I’m reading my way through the New Testament! 

(I do have a few pages that are strictly notes, as I listen to sermons via podcast, or sit in a group and discuss with friends. But as I’m reading the New Testament? I read a chapter, then pray on what it means to me. Then I draw/write the verse that pops/etc what comes from that chapter. This has been such a fun way to study The Word! 

Sermon Notes

The final section of my Faith Journal is my sermon outlines.

One of the reasons I fell in love with my church (ok, this is crazy to admit – so if my Church Family is reading this? Don’t laugh!) was the awesome outline we get each week to go along with the Sermons! (Of course, I adore our pastor and his sermons, but these outlines are the icing on the cake!) I’m a total dork and love to fill out my outline each week! (Have I mentioned I learn by writing?)

So I take it a step further and I keep my notes.  Until I started this journal, these notes just bulked up my Bible Carrying Bag. So I was THRILLED when I found a way to keep keep my notes in a book! I love to look back through the sermons, and use them to study as I see fit! 

Faith Journal

Do you have a Prayer/Gratitude/Faith Journal? I’d love to hear about how you use yours! 

I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I’m a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I’m glad you’ve joined me in my little corner of the web!

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