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Learning never exhausts the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci

As a homeschooler, I am always looking for new ways to document what my little one is learning. But I often forget about myself. Back when my husband and I were just dating, he once challenged our group of friends to learn something new each day, and that’s something that has stuck with me. 

Recently, I was hunting for a learning journal for my kidlet, something that we could do once a week for school – just pick a topic that interests her and run with it. It’s a great way to encourage child-led learning! But then I started thinking that maybe I could pick a topic for myself each week. Pinterest has a TON of ideas for kids (a few of them we’ve tried and loved) But I was struggling to find something that works for me! 

I found one on Amazon, the Learning Journal. I really liked that one (she even has an awesome Instagram where she documents her pages!) And I debated for a long time ordering her journal. It looks like it’s great quality. The reviews look fantastic. But the boxes just weren’t the right size for me. (And I HATE writing in a bound journal.) 

Journal Foulder

So I decided to make my own Learning Journal Printable. I made 4 different drafts (using each one for about a week, then tweaking it to better fit what I was wanting) until I came up with this (incredibly simple) version! The boxes better fit the size and shapes that my brain works in. They give me better room for doodles – which I need to improve on a LOT!!! 

I’ve been using this style for about two weeks, and absolutely love it! So I wanted to share it with you all! 

Learning Journal example


I have uploaded this FREE PDF! It’s spaced so that you can punch it for your preferred binding and not clip over the lines at all!  (I prefer the ARC Punch from Staples, and use a folder as my “cover” – but these would go nicely in a 3-ring binder as well.) 

Journal Foulder

Simply Download and Print this FREE PDF! Then start learning! 

The topics are endless, anything yo can imagine! But here are a few of my recent favorites: 

  • Chile – as pictured! We even baked had empanadas for dinner!
  • Lake Effect Snow – We did this during Buffalo’s snowstorm, and then made a snowman with our own small snowstorm.
  • Barbershop Music – Went to a Barbershop Chorus concert, and listened to a lot of music on youtube! 
  • Spaghetti – I learned about the process of making spaghetti, the history, and then made my own from scratch. 
I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I’m a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I’m glad you’ve joined me in my little corner of the web!

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  • Dear Jac,

    thanks a lot for sharing this great article and template. It inspired me developing an own template for a new learning project :-). If you are interested I share it with you…


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