Why I Love The Blank Page in the Bible (Between Malachi and Matthew)

Sometimes? Life is hard. And we can’t see God. It’s easy to wonder what he is doing while we are struggling, or even worse? It’s easy to doubt. 

My life is in one of those places right now. Where it’s so easy to say “Why God, Why did you let these things happen? Why have you abandoned me?” To forget that it’s all part of some bigger plan. When this unexpected circumstance landed in front of my family, I was in the middle of one of the strongest surges my faith has ever seen. So for once, my first instinct was to turn to God. 

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7, NIV) is my verse of the year – and so I immediately fell to my knees, in tears, to tell God that I know he has a bigger plan. That this situation is in his hands, and that I will try my best to be patient, to be strong, and to wait for his outcome. 

Matthew 77

This led way to a conversation with one of my closest friends, Blog Girl,  where we were discussing how God has big plans and even though this seems like a set back? It’s actually just one more little step in His huge plan. During this conversation, I mentioned to her that my favorite page in the Bible was The Blank Page. 

A while back, a friend posted an article on Facebook, The One Page of the Bible I’d Like to Rip Out, and it got me thinking. What does that page signify? Sure, it’s the separation of the Old Testament and the New. But to me? That page is so much more. And to me, it’s never been an example (like the article states) that the Old and the New are both separate stories – a dam of sorts, as he says. To me? It’s about God working behind the scenes. 

Have you ever thought about all that happened in those 400 years between Malachi and Matthew?? Those silent years laid a strong foundation for Jesus Christ and the Disciples to spread the Gospel. They made Christianity as we know it possible! 

During those 400 years a lot of things were going on – and you can’t tell me that God didn’t have a hand in them! Sure, he wasn’t actively visible to the world, but he had a hand in the many goings on. Alexander the Great introduced Koine Greek, a common (and highly descriptive) language that would allow the gospel to be spread across the entire Greecian Empire, from the Mediterranean Sea to India.  

An elaborate highway system was created, making travel easily possible between different states in the empire. (This allowed Jesus and the disciples, as well as those that would follow, to travel easily and share The Word!) Combine these two MAJOR changes in the way the world works with various other Political and Religious changes going on in those 400 years? 

To me, that blank page between Malachi and Matthew is symbolic of God working behind the scenes. His silence speaks volumes, he is being quiet because he is setting the stage for something so amazing that we cannot possibly imagine. 

Much like in our lives, when God is silent? We need to think of that blank page and remember that God is still with us and that He is setting the stage for something amazing in our lives. 

Setting the Stage


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