Making Butter in a Jar

Making Butter in a Jar

This summer we are working our way through the Little House on the Prairie series using the Prairie Primer curriculum! (I plan on blogging our way through it as well, so hopefully I can stock pile some good ideas for others who want to follow this curriculum!)  One of the first tasks that goes with book #1 (Little House in the Big Woods) is to make butter! 

I immediately turned to Pinterest to start looking for recipes that would be simple enough for my 7 year old. But, as I always do? I decided to take a few of them and make them my own! 

Marbles in the Jar

It’s pretty basic – just three or four items for this delicious recipe!

We started with a mason jar and two marbles. We decided to use the marbles to help mix the cream from within, giving it more motion and hopefully making the butter faster! Because 7 year old’s aren’t known for their patience! (An added bonus was the clanking of the marbles made it more fun to dance around the kitchen!) 

Pour in Milk

The recipe itself is simple enough! We poured a half pint of whipping cream into our small mason jar, added about 1/2 teaspoon of honey, placed the lid and started to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!!

After about five minutes of shaking we removed the lid and looked inside our jar, we had what appeared to be curdled milk! So we knew we were making progress. Daddy and Scribber each took a small taste – I have to admit I’m not as adventurous as they are! (They said at that point there wasn’t a lot of flavor, mostly the cream and a hint of honey.) 

Shake It

After about ten minutes of heavy shaking (and a little bit of dancing and complaining) our butter was finally forming a solid blob!! 

We had to drain the buttermilk off (we just poured it straight into a glass so that we could taste the buttermilk too) and then use a spoon to continue to siphon the milk out of the butter. (This helps it to have a slightly longer shelf life, and helps the butter to firm up a little more as you let it sit in the refrigerator!) 

Butter pre pour

Once we tasted the butter we decided it needed just a little more honey, so we added another 1/2 teaspoon. (1 teaspoon total!) And then sat it in the fridge to set up for another 15 minutes while we heated up some rolls! 

Our half-pint of whipping cream made approximately 4 tablespoons of butter, which was enough for the three of us to enjoy a buttered roll and then put away about 1 1/2 tablespoons for a future recipe! 

Finished Butter

Making our own butter was a simple, fun way to live a little bit like Laura did in the 1870’s! And it made a delicious afternoon snack. 

Have you made your own butter? What’s your favorite variation of this recipe? 


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