Polly Pocket Wall Party Mall on the Wall Playset Review


A few months back Scribber saw a YouTube video of a little girl playing with a Polly Pocket Wall Set! (Please tell me I’m not the only mom who lets my kiddo watch YouTube toy reviews?) So she begged and begged, and finally for her birthday she received the Polly Pocket Wall Party Mall on The Wall Fashion Doll Playset and the Polly Pocket Wall Party Candy Shop! Immediately upon unwrapping her gift she was begging The Trucker to put it together, and proceeded to spend an entire weekend playing with this awesome toy! 

Scrib with the set

This toy is perfect for us! We have a very little house (700 sq ft) and not a ton of storage space, so the idea of a toy that hangs on the wall and has storage for all it’s little parts and pieces? SCORE! 

Right out of the box? This toy is super easy to snap together, and comes with command strips to hang on your wall! (The only downside is that my walls are textured, and the strips don’t hang! So we did have to hang nails.) It took about 20 minutes to put together the two sets, and then she spent a good five hours playing with them! 

The toys themselves are pretty sturdy little kits, full of  moving parts – the ferris wheel turns and dumps Polly onto a slide, there are zip lines between the different pieces and the candy store actually dispenses little plastic candies! For $28 (the mall) and $14 (the candy shop) this is an excellent toy! 

There are a whole lot of little pieces that go along with this – which could be a “con” to the toy itself, but they definitely make it more fun for play! The suction cup shoes for Polly are a pretty neat feature – making it easy for her to ride up and down the escalator! 



The Pros? 

  • Doesn’t take up floor space, or toy box space! (A precious commodity in many houses!) 
  • Inexpensive for one set, but can easily be added onto! 
  • Bright Colors are a ton of fun!
  • Durable – has held up for 3 months of excessive play in our house! 

The Cons? 

  • Lots of little pieces! (There are built in storage compartments – but still, lots of little pieces!) 
  • It is stuck to one place, so you can’t move the set to another room or take it with you! 


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