Staples ARC Notebook System Review

Staples ARC Punch

I make it no secret that I am in love with notebooks! I love planners, journals and notebooks alike! And a few months ago a lot of the women in my planner group on Facebook were discussing “ARCing” their Plum Paper Planners and Erin Condren Life Planners! I thought these planners looked absolutely amazing, so I had to have one of these punches! (Of course, I haven’t “ARC’d” my planner, I have made at least a dozen different notebooks!) 

So after stalking every Staples Store I came across, I finally found the ARC Punch while I was on vacation this summer.  (I felt the need to purchase this one in person for some reason, instead of online! I’m not sure why.) So I immediately grabbed one, and a few sets of Notebook Discs to get me started!

Arc Notebook


The punch itself is an incredibly sturdy punch, capable of punching 8 pieces of paper at a time! (Or one of the 10 mil laminated covers that comes on the ECLP!) Now, if you’re doing a full notebook? That doesn’t seem like much – but the process is pretty quick and painless! 

One of my favorite features is that the punch locks into a folded position for storage! (Not that I store it! This baby spends most of it’s time on my kitchen table!) 

It’s ridiculously simple to use, but you do need to make sure you push your paper all the way into the punch before punching your pages. (I was rushing one day, and didn’t make sure the papers were all the way in! This made it so they don’t fit all the way into the notebook and are slipping out. However, this is the ONLY time I’ve had an issue with pages slipping out of the disc binding!) 

ARC Punch at Staples

Staples has a growing selection of covers, pre-punched pages and discs. But the wonderful thing about the ARC System? You can create your on! Amazon has a huge selection of Levenger Discs in a variety of sizes and colors that work with the ARC system as well! 

I have purchased two covers from Staples. One leather bound for my Faith Journal, and one plastic Martha Stewart cover for my weight loss journal! But for the rest of my notebooks, I’ve simply made my own. My daughters homeschool notebook (where I put all of her tests and important worksheets) is made from a folder that she picked out during Back to School sales! I simply cut the folder in half – down the folded line – and then punched it! I also have a few notebooks that I’ve made my own covers in Photoshop then printed and laminated them. That’s one thing I love about this system so much, the ability to create my own notebooks entirely!

ARC Punch

Another thing I absolute adore about the ARC system? The fact that I can add, remove and move around pages as I wish! This works really well in the notebook I use for a fundraiser I am working on. At our meeting last week I was taking notes about an upcoming event, when the topic quickly changed. Rather than flipping through to find the appropriate place, I just started writing on the next blank page. After the meeting, I simply pulled the page out and moved it to the appropriate place. 

It’s also great for my daughters school notebook. I can clip in pages from field trips, flyers, pictures she draws. Then I can move them around, based on what category they fit in! 

It’s such a flexible system, making your notebooks 100% custom! 

I was really nervous that the pages would just pop out – it doesn’t really look like there is anything specific holding them in! (The punch marks are shown in the photo above.) But I’ve only had one instance where the pages pop out, and like I mentioned earlier? It is because I didn’t push the paper fully into the punch before I made the holes. Other than that? I’ve had zero issues with pages popping out, no matter if it’s paper, cardboard, or plastic that I’ve punched. 

ARC Binder

Have you had a chance to test out the discbound punch system yet? If so, what’s your favorite thing about this system? 

I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I’m a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I’m glad you’ve joined me in my little corner of the web!

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