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How I Use My Brain Dump Journal

Brain Dump Journal

In 2015 I am trying to take Action in my life. It sounds cheesy, but it’s really working well for me, so cheesy is ok! And one of the things I’m taking action on is getting more organized in all aspects of my life. In 2014 I added a planner (the Erin Condren Life Planner) …

How to make your own Faith Journal

Make your own Faith Journal

How To Make your own Faith Journal   I recently started a Life Group through my church with a good friend, a group of women who meet once a week to share advice, vent and pray for one another. As part of this group, I needed a notebook to keep track of prayer requests – …

DIY Hack: Coil Clips for your Planner

DIY Coil Clips

With the new planners last June, Erin Condren released Coil Clips for their planners – nifty little plastic tabs that you affix to the back of your own paper and then insert into your planner. The idea is to use them for invitations, laminated to-do pages, etc! Just another (incredibly awesome) way to customize your …