Ten Favorite PicMonkey.com Tutorials!

Ten Favorite

I have been a Photoshop girl since I purchased my first version of Photoshop – Photoshop 7, back in 2002! I am entirely self-taught with the program, and remember vividly spending HOURS teaching myself to make my first .gif image for a message board signature! (Geez, that seems like a thousand years ago now!) 

But recently I was on vacation and had left my computer at home, not thinking I’d NEED to edit my photos and upload them to Facebook ASAP! So I was stuck using my husbands laptop with no way to edit my new photos! I’d been seeing Picmonkey tutorials on Pinterest, and decided to give it a try! 

There is a free version, or a Royale Version – the Royale is $4.99/month or $33/year for the subscription which gives you unlimited access to their advanced design options. (After trying both, the Royale is DEFINITELY worth it! I tend to go month-to-month, so I can cancel and then re-subscribe when I am traveling and using my husbands computer! (Because one laptop is easier on vacation than two!) 

So I’ve compiled a list of my ten favorite Picmonkey Tutorials!  (In no order, because I love them all equally!) 

  1. Clarks Condensed: Removing Shadows.  She has some other great tutorials too, but this is a great (and SUPER SIMPLE) way to quickly touch up your photos and make them more blog-ready!  (Of course, natural lighting is always best – but sometimes? It’s just not possible! So this is a great way to fix those pictures!) 
  2. A Grande Life: How to Head Swap.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken six pictures of multiple kids, and never is there one where ALL THE KIDS are looking! This is a great way to combine the best parts of all those photos to make sure that you can get ALL the kids looking at the camera! 
  3. The Graphics Fairy: How to make a transparent background. One thing I hated about Picmonkey (but have since embraced) is that compared to my beloved Photoshop, it’s near impossible to merge images. (Ok, it’s not impossible – but it’s confusing!) So this tutorial gave me some great tips and confidence in how to take multiple pictures, make one transparent and then put them together! 
  4. A Savory Feast: How to Crop a Picture into a Circle. This is great for your AboutMe Pages, or widgets! 
  5. Jennifers Jumbles: 10 Things I Love About PicMonkey.  These are some great QUICK changes that you can use to really improve a photograph. 
  6. In The Next 30 Days: Create Pinnable Images.  I struggle with this all the time – so this was a great tutorial in general! But an awesome, quick way to create pinnable images for your blog posts! 
  7. Mommie…Again PLUS: 8 Different Ways PicMonkey can “Pop” your images. Great examples of how small changes can really make your images POP!!
  8. Something Swanky: 4 Simple Tips to Edit Food Photos. Taking photos in the kitchen is something that’s fairly new to me! (I’m working on adding recipes both here and to my local events blog!) This tutorial really helped me to make a few small changes to my photos from my Mother In Law’s kitchen! 
  9. SimmWorks Family: How to Make A Recipe Card. Ok, I have to admit – I haven’t tried this yet. (I use the Recipe Card Plugin) But it’s definitely an intriguing idea and I’m planning on trying this out ASAP to print my recipes for an ARC Recipe Book.) 
  10. How To This and That: How To Lighten Up Just the Background. I struggle a bit with this all the way around – I just don’t have the patience to pay that close of attention! But for some reason? This tutorial really made it all click for me!  
I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I’m a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I’m glad you’ve joined me in my little corner of the web!

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