The FoxyFix “Foxy Dori” Traveler’s Notebook Review


My obsession with Planners is no secret. (I have several reviews for my beloved Erin Condren Products!) So recently when I was chatting with a friend about her newest “Fauxdori” (a traveler’s notebook in the style of the midori, but made by someone else) I was totally intrigued.

I began researching these, and quickly decided that I NEEDED one. (Instant gratification is my biggest downfall.) I rushed out the next day to Hobby Lobby, bought some leather remnants and made my own. I was instantly in love. While the Erin Condren was sort of an awkward size, my newfound planner love was a miniature version – I opted to go “Field Notes” size for my first one.  (I even made my own hand-drawn planner inserts to see if I liked this new planning adventure.)

While I was madly in love with my new TN? I was quickly falling in love with all the amazing FauxDori’s on Etsy. One of my favorite shops to browse? The Foxy Fix.  (Seriously, check out her Instagram! She re-grams some of the best photos of her amazing product!) 


About 2 weeks after my first adventure with my homemade notebook, Foxy had a clearance sale! (And let me tell you – it was INSANE! Everything she listed was GONE within minutes.) And I lucked out and scored TWO notebooks (From the second and third batch she posted – and only because I refreshed like a mad woman for the five minutes leading up to her posting!) The Unicorn – a special edition ombre colored cover – was clearanced because of several scuffs that weren’t up to her standards. It’s all good, I beat the heck out of my planner, so chances are? The scuffs would have occurred within a few days anyway. (In fact? My beloved has MANY scrapes, scratches and ink stains after just a few weeks of use.)

I anxiously awaited my beautiful new leather notebooks, and once they arrived? It was a match made in planner heaven! I can customize my notebooks inside pretty easily, and not only have my planner, but countless other journals and notebooks. (I have since added a few other brands to my arsenal, but that’s for another day!) 

Now, let’s jump into the actual review of these amazing notebooks! 

Dragon Fruit Collage

The first of my two “FoxyDori” notebooks are a Dragonfruit (Pink) “Regular with Extra Room”  (4.5 inches x 8 inches) which I haven’t found notebooks in the store that fit – although my Staples did cut two composition notebooks to fit perfectly! And there are quite a few inserts available on etsy and amazon. 

I use the dragonfruit as a journal – although for the purposes of this review, there’s nothing but blank notebooks slid into the straps! (My indecisive nature won’t let me actually use it for the bullet journal I initially intended it, and instead I have just switched it to blank notebooks to become a journal for a current study I am doing.) 

Kelly (the fabulous woman behind FoxyFix) has 17 amazing colors to choose from with her “regular” dori’s, as well as a variety of other leathers and the occasional special products. You can also chose your band placement when you place a custom order with her. (Both of my notebooks have the quad strap inside and the single strap out. Which I find to be about perfect!) 

Unicorn Collage

My second notebook is the Foxy Unicorn size “Wide”. (She doesn’t offer this one all the time, so you have to stalk her instagram and Facebook page for her release info on these beauties!) The wide will fit notebooks that are 8.25×5.  

I currently have my custom made planner – which I just printed on my home printer and used a piece of scrapbook paper as the cover, and 3 Moleskine Cahier journals in here. And to fit my wallet pieces? I have the Midori inserts #8 – a small folder and a zipper pouch, and #7 – 12 business card sized insert pockets.

I use my planner/wallet multiple times a day. My planner pages double as a journal, including books read and gratitude slots! My other notebooks are used for various lists, prayer requests and my personal favorite notebook is my “reading journal” where I track my books read, books I want to read and library due dates! With these notebooks, your imagination is your limitation! 

The leather on the unicorn is a bit softer than that of her regular notebooks, but still a nice thick leather. (And I promise you, it holds up well to the beating of daily life!) 


I’ve got to be totally honest, my favorite thing about these notebooks (especially when using them as planners) is their total flexibility. I created my own planner in Photoshop after spending a few weeks drawing daily on paper to figure out what really worked for me and what didn’t. (And this is after I spent 2 years using the Erin Condren Life Planner, but I really wanted something more journal-like, and a “day on a page” type planner.) But if you’re not up for making your own? There’s tons on Etsy that you can either custom order or print and bind yourself. 

FoxyFix notebooks range in price from $19 (for a “extra small moleskine”  size) to $69 for the Extra Wide Wanderlust or Bay Leather – which I am currently drooling over!  And her occasional custom special editions (like the Unicorn) which run a bit more. While the price may seem a bit steep? (Hey, I’m being honest here – I about fell over when I first saw that!) It’s well worth it! Kelly makes each notebook custom to order (you can pick from a variety of stamps, dye colors, stitching, etc) and the product is absolutely phenomenal. 

So tell me, are you a paper planner? And if so, what’s your preferred method of planning/organizing madness? 

I’m a Nebraska girl transplanted to Southern Colorado! I’m a homeschooling, coffee loving, book reading, hockey mom with a passion for music, blogging and serving others! I’m glad you’ve joined me in my little corner of the web!

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  • I am just catching on to the travelers notebook/planner fever and can’t wait to order one but am soooooo confused by all the options out there, especially the different sizes! Some of my favorite planners i’ve bought have oddball size paper that costs a FORTUNE to replenish if i’m able to find that particular size at all. I have such a collection of different styles of planners that i am very concerned about spending a chunk of $ for something new – what if i don’t like or use it? Thank you for your honest review.

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